Takinogawa Area

Enchanting Takinogawa Area

The Takinogawa area lets you see the daily lives of Japanese people up close in quiet residential districts that are distanced from the hustle and bustle of the big city. You may want to visit spots such as shopping areas, parks, temples and shrines that have been endeared by local residents for ages while feeling the warmth of the people as time slowly passes by. There are plenty of sights to see here including Kyu-Furukawa Teien, which is a garden famous for its roses. You can also enjoy a slightly different sightseeing experien ce by seeing what it is like to be a ninja or watching banknotes being made.

1、Kyu-Furukawa Teien


Come see a Western-style building on a small hill that was constructed about a hundred years ago, as well as beautiful Western and Japanese-style gardens that are popular for their roses and autumnal leaves. Here, you can enjoy some tea while taking in the four distinctive seasons of the garden in a graceful atmosphere. It was nationally designated Place of Scenic Beauty in 2006.



There is a five meter-tall waterfall that flows out of a white granite wall and many children come to the nearby lake and river to play in the water. This is a spot where the local residents come to rest and relax while being surrounded by a rich natural environment and the sound of the water.

3、Kita City Disaster

Control Center

Visitors at the Kita City Disaster Control Center can experience earthquakes, smoke, and early fire extinguishing. Feel realistic recreations of the shakes of major earthquakes that have hit Japan in the past such as the Great Kanto Earthquake and the Great East Japan Earthquake. Now, you can truly deepen your knowledge of the earthquake-ridden country of Japan.

4、National Printing Bureau

Tokyo Factory

Come and see the making of Japanese banknotes, which have very few counterfeits. In addition to being able to see how these bills are printed, the facilities are complete with images, panels, and hands-on experience devices so you can have fun learning about the production p rocesses of banknotes, anti-counterfeit technology, and more.

5、Tabata Memorial Museum

of Writers and Artists

Come to Tabata, whe re Ryunosuke Akutagawa and other representative writers and artists of Japan used to gather, and see what they have left behind through materials such as their works and documents.



There are Nio statues, which are famously used to pray for recovery from sickness. Worshippers place red pieces of paper on the parts of the statues that correspond to their affected areas as they pray.

7、Shimofuri Ginza

Shopping District

A shopping district that is a close part of daily life in the area. It is a lively place with a nostalgic atmosphere where even strangers find themselves spontaneously talking with each other.



A temple said to have been built here in the sixteenth century by the Buddhist monk Gakusenbo because of a revelation that he had. It is also famously known as the“ baby temple”.

9、Kondo Isami and

The Shinsengumi's Grave

A memorial site for the commander of the Shinsengumi, Isami Kondo, and its members, who still continue to appear in historical teachings as well as in comics. A memorial service is held every April.

10、Silver Atelier


Silverwork by second-generation Nobushige Kojima, Tokyo Meister. The beautiful accessories and decorations that gleam like mirrors are made by hand