Akabane Area

Enchanting Akabane Area - Kita City -

The Akabane area can be reached from locations such as Ikebukuro, Shinjuku, Shibuya, Akihabara, and Tokyo in just one train ride and can also be included as part of your sightseeing tour of other areas. In front of JR Akabane Station are some of the best bar districts in Tokyo, where you can enjoy typical Japanese meals such as oden and yaki tori for d inner. Another recommended activity is taking strolls at places such as the riverbed of Arakawa River and parks filled with nature. Here, you can be sure to experience a tranquil scenery of Tokyo that you cannot find at the heart of the city.

1 Akabane Ichibangai
Shopping District

A shopping district that runs about four hundred meters long north of the East Exit of JR Akabane Station. This is a recommended spot for you if you want to enjoy yourself at a bar district in Tokyo at night. There are over forty izakayas crowded with local residents, which serve dishes such as oden, yakitori, seafood, and giblets cooked in a hot pot.

2 Akabane Baka

A big event celebrated by all of Akabane every year in April or May. It has been held for over half a century since 1956 in commemoration of an event that took place about five hundred years ago. It features marching bands, dances, masquerades, and parades of portable shrines.

3 Akabane Hachiman-jinja Shrine

Many railroad fans come to worship here in order to see bullet trains and local trains running back and forth from up close. It also attracts idol fans

because of its popular lucky charms, which have the“ infinity” sign on them.

4 Tokyo Kita City Fireworks Festival

Some of the best fireworks in Tokyo. Held in either September or October every year near the riverbed of Arakawa River in the background of the Former Iwabuchi Water Gate (Red Water Gate). Thousands of artistic fireworks are set off with music that is played synchronously for a spectacular presentation.

5 Former Kyu-Iwabuchi Water Gate

A water gate that protected people from the flooding of Arakawa River for ages. Although it is not used anymore, it is still affectionately referred to as“ Red Water Gate”.

6 Tokyo Metropolitan Ukima Park

A park of water and vegetation that spreads out in front of JR Ukima Funado Station. Visitors can enjoy fishing, playing in the water or relax as they view seasonable flowers and aquatic plants.

7 Arakawa Akabane
 Sakura-zutsumi Field

The quiet levee of Arakawa River, which is a nice place to take a stroll. About

sixty-four thousand moss pink blossoms bloom in spring on the roughly hundred

cherry trees that grow on the riverbed to create a huge work of flower art.

8 Akabane Nature Observatory Park

A park where you can come in contact with natural life such as plants of the four

distinctive seasons, insects, and wild birds. There are also ponds and rice

fields that use spring water.

9 Maruken Suisan

A popular shop where you can enjoy oden as you drink while standing at a table

placed out at the front. Their specialty is fluffy hanpen fish cake.

10 Kogata Imado Ningyō (Clay Dolls)

Here, Yoshikazu Yoshida recreates clay dolls that have been endeared for over a hundred years such as the “Marushime Cat”, which is the first“ beckoning cat”, with techniques that have been employed since the early days.

11 Edomoji&Takoe

Kites were enjoyed by local residents of the Edo period. This is the workshop of the world-famous Yasuo Shimura, who has succeeded the kite art skills of the old times.