Kita City is a place where residents live peacefully, surrounded by the beautiful nature of its four distinct seasons. Although it is located in the giant metropolis of Tokyo, it soothes the soul with a relaxing flow of time and lets you feel the warmth of the local people.
Be enchanted by some of the most beautiful cherry blossoms and autumnal leaves in Tokyo, amazed by traditional skills and customs, and experience daily Japanese life at shopping areas and other locations. Come and see another side of Tokyo, which becomes more profound as you get to know it better and makes you want to come back again and again.


Enchanting SAKURA -Cherry Blossoms-


Kita City, the town of cherry blossoms, proudly presented by Tokyo; find a spot for viewing cherry blossoms that is right for you.

The season of cherry blossoms in Tokyo lasts from March to April. Kita City particularly has many popular spots for viewing cherry blossoms. There are many spots that have over a hundred cherry trees such as Asukayama Park, which has been very popular since the Edo period, Shakujii-gawa River, which is lined with cherry blossoms on both banks, and Metropolitan Ukima Park, which is known for its Japanese primroses. You can enjoy the overwhelmingly beautiful scenery during the season when they are in full bloom. What separates those spots from other famous ones at the heart of the city is that they are relatively relaxing places where you can enjoy the scenery while being surrounded by nature. You may be able to find the perfect spot for you while taking a stroll as they can be found blooming at various parks and roads throughout the ward. Viewing cherry blossoms after the sun goes down is also a recommended activity. Their exotic beauty when lit up with devices such as paper lanterns is a sight that you will never forget.

Arakawa Riverside

Sairen-ji Temple

Shimizuzaka Park

Otonashi Shinsui Park

Asukayama Park

Nanushi-no-Taki Park

Shakujii-gawa Riverside

Jugatsu Zakura (Asukayama Park)

Autumn is the best time of the year to view “October cherry blossoms”! There are rare cherry blossoms that bloom from October to December. They bloom on the three “October cherry blossom” trees that are planted at Asukayama Park. They are different from the colorific cherry blossoms of spring in that they are small rose-pink flowers that can be enjoyed together with autumnal leaves nearby.

Oji Area


Enchanting Shotengai -Shopping Streets-


Plenty of shopping areas filled with a kind human atmosphere! Welcome to the living space of Tokyo.

To the people of Tokyo, Kita City is “the town to live in”. That is why so many shopping areas, which sustain daily life, can be found here. Along the streets are sh ops that sell delicious prepared foods at low prices as well as sundries shops that sell convenient items , and all kinds of other establishments such as banks, book stores, produce markets, and coffee shops. Here, you can enjoy eating and shopping at various shops while taking in a nostalgic atmosphere. You can also feel a very human downtown atmosphere when interacting with the shop clerks as there are many privately-owned shops. There are also shopping areas that are representative bar districts of Tokyo, such as Akabane Ichibangai Shopping Street. Here, you can experience daily Japanese life by eating dinner and drinking together with people who are unwinding after a hard day’s work.

OK Yokocho Street

Jujo Ginza Shopping Street

Shimofuri Ginza Shopping District